Arlene M. French


Arlene M. French is president and founder of Aspen Resource Limited. Inc. In 1997, Arlene set out to change the paradigm of consulting in defense nuclear materials management, in particular environmental stewardship. With a select team of highly specialized subject matter experts, Arlene created Aspen with holding ideals of excellence, quality, cost efficiency with quality and respect.

As a mechanical engineer, Arlene worked in aqueous chemistry plutonium processing at Rocky Flats and used this field experience to develop the first Waste Stream and Residue Identification and Characterization (WSRIC) methodology. Working as an engineer with the DOE field office, Arlene created the team that conceived and developed the Pipe Overpack Component and continued working within the DOE complex in transuranic waste management, working progressively in feasibility studies, analyses and reporting, management of technical projects, and operations of a fully functional consulting firm. Arlene supports the Sandia National Laboratories in transportation and packaging and has managed and performed field work in quality assurance.

After earning two law degrees and with over 30 years of defense nuclear materials management experience, Arlene is uniquely qualified to perform complex analyses.

Degrees and Certifications

  • LL.M, Taxation, University of Denver
  • J.D., University of Colorado
  • B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
  • Member, Colorado Bar
  • Q-Clearance, current.